API Suite

An easy way to access location-aware content

Connect your apps to location-aware content

The AND location-aware APIs make content easily available through our portal. We have developed a range of simple, easy to implement single use case API which you can combine under one usage plan. The AND ZIP+4 API uses the REST standard to enable easy integration into any web-enabled application. It is more than a standard geocoder and offers unique, additional boundary information of the area within the ZIP+4.

Currently two APis are available:

The AND ZIP+4 API which has two types of requests:

1) Coordinates to ZIP+4 codes

2) From ZIP+4 codes to ZIP+4 polygons

The AND Geocoder API who has two types of requests (optimized for the Netherlands and USA)

1) From a postal address to coordinates

2) Reverse Geocoder, from coordinates to a postal address

Available soon: AND Time Distance Matrix APIs for up to 1,000×1,000 locations.

Key benefits of our APIs

Very simple to use, one API, one use case

35 years experience and local knowledge

Competitive pricing

Easy billing, no credit card needed

No use case restrictions

Storage options


Technical Support

Technical support is available through our support team.  A full technical presentation including examples of the API implementation will be available soon.

Technical Helpdesk

tel: +31(0)10 885 1313


The AND Team will provide developers with a test link and API key. SDKs are available on demand for Android, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, iOS Objective C and iOS Swift.

Try it today – for a limited time period, your first 1,000 API calls are free!

For more information or a demo, please contact our sales department: tel: +31 10 885 1200