AND Outdoor Venue Plan Mapping Service

The Outdoor Venue Plan service is a turn-key solution, which converts any venue plan into a new and interactive version, which is accessible both online and on the move.


Get your Site Plan digital and interactive

Putting to use its 20+ years of experience within competitive location- aware content creation, curation and delivery, AND has created a service that enable outdoor venues owners to greatly enhance their customers’ and visitors’ experience.

Venue owners and managers are searching ways to not only improve their visitors’ ability to maneuver around the venue or site, but also to make it safer. With our service, the venue owner just needs to provide us with the existing venue plan and the highly skilled AND’s production team will digitize, geo-reference and host the venue plan on a dedicated website, which is available 24/7. Visitors are then able to easily see where they are, find their way around and get directions to all of the various amenities across the site on their smartphone.

This venue plan service is free to customers and visitors and it doesn’t require any app installation.  All they have to do is to open the link provided on a standard browser such as Chrome or Safari.


Improve customer service without any

Increase your venue's safety and accessibility

Increase your venue's safety and accessibility

One or more safety themed layer such as COVID-routing, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, AED’s etc. can be added to your site plan to ease access to the right location in case of emergency or walk paths and routes during COVID-19 pandemic.

Improve your customer experience

Improve your customer experience

Offer your visitors the option to pinpoint their exact location themselves on your site by using their GPS enabled smartphone

Easy to implement

Easy to implement

You as a site owner or manager do not need to have any technical know-how. AND gets it all done for you. You only need to share a web link with your visitors.

The service is free for your customers and visitors

please visit our demo website to see this in action or use our QR Code below


Or are you on a mobile phone with GPS location enabled? Than use that QR code

Remark: you need to approve the use of location on the device



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Implementing that service in 5 easy steps

  1. Give us your current site plan (paper or PDF)
  2. AND will get it digitalised, georeferenced and uploaded to our webserver
  3. The site will be available on
  4. Provide this link and QR code to your visitors or add it to your website
  5. AND ensures 24/7 availability

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