AND offers you the quality foundation to develop an extensive portfolio of Location Based Services. From a mapping portal to a navigation app for a smartphone.  AND offers off-the-shelf services via the AND Developer Zone and customised Location Based Services for businesses.

We offer the AND Map API to power location experiences.  The AND Map API are powered by the proprietary worldwide AND Maps and we offer the full spatial functionality based on data from OpenStreetMap.  Standard features include Map Viewing, Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding.  Feel free to contact us if you want to test the services, send an email to

Map, Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding

Request your demo of the AND Map API, send an email to


Further, we help you to build customized solutions for:

– Local Search and Social Media websites
– Real estate portals
– Travel and concierge services
– Navigation solutions
– Work force planning
– Fleet-tracking and telematics solutions
– Call center/dispatch applications
– Operators
– and many more

Contact us if you are effected by the new Google Maps API pricing plan and looking for an alternative.  Please contact our sales department for more information:
+31 10 885 1200 or