Location-Aware Data Ingest

Enriching maps with new content and patterns

Using leading-edge technology, AND can ingest or upload content or process a location aware product such as safety or sustainability, an HD or SD map, an attribute, a location/POI or an object. The data can come from AND, our partners as well as from users via crowd sourcing.

This process ensures the most accurate location intelligence or ingestion of addresses within AND’s database or within our partners / clients if they are using their own content/ data.

Potential sources to ingest could include real time data such as life input, sensor data via GPS, lidar data Photos, videos objects or content such as sustainability or safety map files for private areas or publicly accessible areas.

A team of GIS experts

A team of GIS experts

To verify, structure and integrate data into your map

Map knowledge

Map knowledge

Enrich your content via existing AND intelligence

Low-cost production

Low-cost production

Leverage AND low-cost production center in India


We are always happy to advise and assist you in enriching your application with new location-aware content. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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Head of Sales

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