Location Aware Content

Offering new levels of customer experience

Integrating location aware data and map overlays such as addresses into either AND maps or our clients’ own map technology create new opportunities and more relevant experiences.

For companies, this means taking advantage of customer trends and patterns based on location and proximity. They can target campaigns via administrative and postal code boundaries and hence reach their target audience more accurately.

For the transport & logistics, automotive, real estate, insurance or utilities industries, AND provides location aware data to improve analytics, refine searches and deliver superior navigation guidance and selection.

Global connected digital maps

Global connected digital maps

Global connected and routable digital maps with major roads and connections to major cities including their build up polygons

Tailor-made attributes

Tailor-made attributes

Flexibility to add tailor-made attributes to our database to satisfy new markets and requirements

Combination with other maps

Combination with other maps

AND Maps can be combined with other maps such as OSM




We are always happy to advise and assist you in enriching your application with location-aware content. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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Head of Sales

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