Health Alert Zones

AND offers global information about COVID-19 pandemic statistics along with a unique health risk exposure rating.

  • AND provides aggregated global information about COVID-19 pandemic statistics down to local level across focus countries.
  • In those focus countries, AND has joined forces with the GeoHealthApp team to develop a unique location based Health Alert Zone risk evaluation.
  • This score, combined with up to 50 different types of locations (i.e. shopping malls, theatres, parks, train stations, kindergarten etc..) is used to calculate the risk of COVID-19 exposure for a specific area down to a detailed square of 100m x 100m.

Consistent and detailed pandemic information augmented with health risk rating

Authoritative and Consistent Data

Authoritative and Consistent Data

Authoritative data of official sources of COVID-19 Cases augmented with AND administrative maps information

Health Exposure Risk Factor

Health Exposure Risk Factor

Unique health exposure risk evaluation up to 100x100m resolution in 8 focus countries in Europe and North America

Daily Updates

Daily Updates

Daily Data updates. Global and local coverage in focus countries. Consistent and complete map agnostic information in one source, one database. Historical information is kept.


Up-to-date global COVID-19 (WHO) information including historical data storage

Up to date local government COVID-19 information in the focus countries

Global AND Admin Boundaries

Health Alert Zone risk evaluation from country level down to 100m x 100m squares in focus countries

Follow this link to see our demonstrator including daily updated data


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