Eco Alert Zones

AND provides aggregated environmental and congestion zones with global coverage

  • AND provides aggregated information about areas that either restrict access or require the payment of a fee to access the area
  • These zones have been created by local governments in order to combat traffic congestion and improve air quality

consistent and complete environmental and congestion zones information

consistent and complete

consistent and complete

AND is collecting global and consistent map agnostic information and making it available to users via one single source

Authoritative data

Authoritative data

Authoritative and official environmental and congestion zones data researched and checked by the AND team.

Detailed and Updated on a Daily Basis

Detailed and Updated on a Daily Basis

Detailed data available including the exact geometry and attributes such as : name , location , type of zones, when active, fee and penalty, type of emission standards accepted, vehicle type it is applies to. Daily updates and checks are done in house at AND.


Geometry updated on a daily basis and digitised to highest resolution

Time applicability populated according to vehicle type

Information provided both in English and local language

Fees, badges and penalties shown in local currency

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