mapstylesLocation Based Marketing (LBM) uses the location of a person at a given time, to interact with that person. This could be a push message on a smartphone, a billboard or any other way to communicate.  Good examples are the moment someone enters a certain area such as shopping area or an event. The message is often linked to promotions or offers from a brand or a store. LBM is to be integrated in the marketing strategy of a company, where the location of a customer is key.

As specialists in map making around the world AND is very connected to Location Based Marketing. We combine local knowledge of a locations with external databases from governments, corporations or any other relevant partner.

To know the location of a smartphone we use Wi-Fi and/or GPS signals. The party sending the message use the AND LBS Platform.  We offer LBM solutions as part of the AND LBS Platform.  We offer off-the-shelf APIs and customized solutions. Companies increasingly have higher demands on how they appear and want to stand out from the competition. Customized solutions have the advantage to offer more customized options where the standard is not sufficient.

LBM is growing and gets a growing role within the traditional marketing, so it is of great value to be different to others and therefore unique.

Within our platform we offer various LBM techniques that can both be used separately as well combined. In addition, we work with parties where it fits within the desires of the customer when it is beyond our expertise. This gives our clients one supplier for a complete solution.

Examples of our techniques are:

Geofencing areas:
A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Knowing if and when someone is entering, leaving or within the area gives the opportunity to approache a person, for example by sending information to the mobile device. This is also called Location Based Messaging.

Geofencing in combination with Measuring:
Wi-Fi or GPS signals tells us where someone is in relation to the geofence,  we can also determine and measure how far someone or something is relative to a particular object, property, person or any other Point of Interest (POI) whatsoever.

proximityThis allows us to show what is in the vicinity of something or someone. Where is the nearest bus stop? Where can I eat? Where are the museums in this city? A map is telling us more than 1000 words. These points of interest can be predefined in a general nature but it is also possible to offer customization. For a division of a municipality, for example, only parking meters can be very important, so why should we show telephone booths…

If desired, we even expand our services by developing your own style that fits your company or project. These will be developed together with you by our own designers. POI’s can also be created by geocoding your databases.

wayfindingIt is very interesting to know who is where and what is where, but what to do with this information if you do not know how to get there. Also, herein AND is the appropriate partner as route specialist. We have supplied navigational maps for 30 years and know exactly how we can bring you to your destination, whether you are by foot, by bike or by car.


mappingAND Products is a global provider of maps and we know how to style these maps.  Throughout the years Forests are green, water is blue and highways are yellow and red. This allows users to find their way easily.
When you want to be unique in presentation by use of color or display attributes, AND is capable to providing various possibilities. We can quickly and effectively create a complete new map for you that fits the look and feel of a brand, or style. This refers not only to the color schemes, but also what is shown on the map and what is not.

Mixed use:
For extra power of LBM for your business we can combine various techniques as you can see in this example.


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AND is founding partner of the LBMA in the Netherlands and member of the Platform Innovation in Marketing.

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