Free vector-based digital road map available to assist in earthquake relief efforts
In response to demand for a vector-based roadmap of Haiti, AND Automotive Navigation Data, decided to upgrade the map for Haiti to assist in earthquake relief efforts. The map is freely available for everyone in order to geo-enable everybody in the aid efforts in the earthquake-devastated nation.

Within a week, a special AND project team, upgraded the map with Port-au-Prince down to street level and the rest of the country on a generalized level. The map includes the road blocks following the earthquake.

The Haiti vector-based digital road map is optimized for mapping, route planning, time-distance calculations and optimization studies. The data is stored consistently on different levels throughout the database, enabling the selection of appropriate data sets that meet application requirements.

Country, province, urban area boundaries and major lakes and rivers are included for geographic reference.

Many organizations showed interest in using the Haiti map. These organizations include: TomTom, World Vision, Benomad, Danew, MapAction, MapQuest, Twitter, Fortius One, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, US Army Corps of Engineers, the University of Trento, University of Toronto, UCLA, MITRE, Samaritans Purse Internationa Relief, UN-HABITAT, Help Tammy Help Haiti etc.

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