AND proprietary digital maps: AND has more than 30 years’ experience in digital map making.  AND has digitized over 34 million kilometer of roads with a broad range of attributes, approximately 1 million polygons many millions of POI’s.

The proprietary database of AND contains a worldwide database of Digital Maps on various levels, from a scale of 1:250.000 to 1:2.000.000. All Western European countries are available on turn-by-turn navigation level.  The data is stored consistently on different levels throughout the database.  Country, province, urban area boundaries and major lakes and rivers are included worldwide for geographic reference.

For North-America AND offers a high quality premium navigation map.  The automotive grade map for the USA and Canada includes features such as lane guidance, signpost info, legal speed limits and Hazardous Material Routes (hazmat).  For the USA the AND ZIP+4 Code Boundaries fits seamless with the AND Navigation Maps.

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AND offers:

  • AND Navigation Maps for Europe: these maps are suitable for turn-by-turn navigation and Location Based Services.
  • AND Navigation Maps for North-America: these maps are suitable for turn-by-turn navigation and Location Based Services.
  • AND Digital Maps: these maps are suitable for optimized route planning, time-distance calculations and optimization studies.  The maps are available on different levels of detail.
  • AND Geocoding Maps:  these maps are suitable for (reverse) geocoding, address verification and include all streets and house number (ranges).
  • AND ZIP+4 Code Boundaries: a boundary file that share a unique ZIP+4 code in the United States.
  • HD Map: AND can develop custom made HD Maps for your project, contact us for more info.

The AND digital maps are used for Navigation and Mapping, Location Based Services, Advertising and Marketing, Mobile Resource Management and GIS and Government.

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