On this page you can find FAQ with regards to iMaps, iVoetbalstanden, WhereTo and Navmii GPS Live.

iMaps locates you on the map and plans your route. iVoetbalstanden keeps track of live scores of football games in the Dutch Eredivisie. Where to is an application for Android Phones that tells you what to do today in the Netherlands.

Why does it take a long time before I see a map?
This could be due to your working data connection.  Furthermore, AND is working on improving the speed of the map.

Why does my application not start up?
We received some reports from users that their iVoetbalstanden application did not start up. We have fixed this and supplied an updated version of iVoetbalstanden to Apple.

How can I download WhereTo?
You have to download the WhereTo app from your phone.

Navmii GPS Live
Where can I find more information about Navmii GPS Live?
Please check the website of Navmii, http://www.navmii.com.