Navigation Map USA
This dataset contains the map of the United States, covering a region which starts from the Canadian border and Alaska in the upper north and ends at the Mexican border and the Caribbean islands. The map includes the 50 states, the federal district, and Puerto Rico.

Navigation Map Canada
This dataset contains the map of Canada, covering the mainland and many islands. The country extends from the borders of the United States in the South and West, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. The map includes the 10 provinces and 3 territories.

The map have navigation features such as:
Hazardous material routes (Hazmat), restricted & designated, TMC, Turn restrictions, Real Signpost, incl. places names, road numbers and directions, Legal Speed limits class one roads, Toll road, Toll point (booth), HOV, Accessibility, Lane information, incl. lane arrows, lane dividers and signpos,  City name relation, Synonyms/ Alternate names

The maps have Areas and Places of Interest such as:
Administrative divisions, Reservations, Airports, including select airport runways, Forest , National parks, Settlement areas,  Sea and ocean,  Inland water (rivers and lakes), Places (settlement locations & city districts)

Street Coverage > 98,5%
Address Coverage > 93%

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