AND is pleased to announce the launch of its new Outdoor Venue Plan Service. 

Putting to use its 20+ years of experience within competitive location-content creationcuration and delivery, AND has created a new service that will enable outdoor venues owners to improve their customers’ and visitors’ experience.   

The Outdoor Venue Plan service is turn-key solution, which converts any venue plan into a new and interactive version, which is accessible both online and on the move. 

Based on our own market research and feedback received, we identified the fact that large venue owners would like to not only improve their visitors ability to maneuver around the venue or sitebut also to make it safer. With our service, the venue owner just needs to provide us with the existing venue plan and the highly skilled AND’s production team will digitizegeoreference and host the venue plan on a dedicated website, which is available 24/7Visitors will then be able to easily see where they are, find their way around and get directions to all of the various amenities across the site on their smartphone. 

This venue plan service is free to customers and visitors and it doesn’t require any app installation All they have to do is to open the link provided on a standard browser such as Chrome or Safari. 

Key Features include: 

  • Accurate digitized and geo-referenced site plan 
  • Customizable colours and style as per venue ownerrequirements 
  • Site map delivered with global map, thus facilitating general orientation and location beyond the venue  
  • Unique URL created alongside a QR code to access the venue plan without effort 
  • Visitors access the plan by following the link or QR code on their internet browser 
  • Map navigation, search and zoom functionality provided  
  • Search functionality based on the specific amenities or grid  
  • Following optioncan be added:   
    • a safety themed layer such as COVID-routing, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, AED’s etc. can be added 
    • On site “turn by turn” navigation  
    • Can be combined with other AND’s High Alert Zones products 


Thierry Jaccoud, CEO at AND said : “Our new  Outdoor Venue Plan service is a natural extension of AND’s MapTiler services. In our market research, we found that the limited technical know-how of outdoor venue owners is a big hurdle to creating location-aware solutions for their visitors and customersThe growing need for the ultimate customer experience and increased safety requirement due to COVID also within outdoor venues have driven us to offer a complete and affordable turnkey solution for those venues. This is ideal for medium to large venues such as campsites, holiday parks or industrial areas and company campuses as it gives outdoor venue visitors a true “last mile” experience and also opens up a new channel of communications to venue owners”  

 To find out more about our Outdoor Venue Plan Service and see a demo please visit or call us on +31-10 8851200