AND offers enhanced services on top of OpenStreetMap (OSM) for Professional use. OSM is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world.  OpenStreetMap has been favorably compared with proprietary data sources, though data quality varies worldwide.  Besides the road database OSM is very suitable for a thematic approach such as pedestrian routing, biking, hiking, sea.

Currently AND offers the following solutions for professional use:

  • OSM Pro Address, adding an AND address layer solving address limitations of OpenStreetMap
  • OSM Pro Route, adding a routing layer solving consistency and routability limitations of OpenStreetMap
  • switch2osm, AND is one of the recommended switch to OSM providers
  • OSM enhanced coverage.  Adding coverage to specific themes in OpenStreetMap to make it suitable for your solution
  • Controlled QA/QC reports on OpenStreetMap
  • Contract partner with established business entity

OSM Pro Address – AND Addressing Solution: The picture below show why the OSM Address Pro solution is a valuable offering.  On the left, you see the full address coverage (street name + house number) of OpenStreetMap in Seville (Spain).  On the right the full address coverage from the proprietary AND maps.  Combined you get the best of both worlds, the hyper local map from OpenStreetMap together with a full address search from AND.  You can try this yourself clicking the picture below.








OSM Pro Route – AND Route Solution: The OSM Route Pro solution is a valuable offering.  Often roads are incomplete, unconnected or missing in OpenStreetMap.  Combined with the AND proprietary maps you get the best of both worlds, the hyper local map from OpenStreetMap together with the route from AND.

switch2osm: OpenStreetMap is open data. OpenStreetMap (OSM) data is free for everyone to use, their tile servers are not.  The OSM data can be made into “map tiles”, which you can show on your website, your intranet, your own solutions and in your own off-line environment.   You can switch to OSM yourself by checking the website switch2osm, but many find that they need help to get the job done.  AND is specialist in tile-hosting and development services around OpenStreetMap and recommended by the OSM community as OpenStreetMap tile provider.  AND not only follows the installation guide from OSM, but we also add services such as intelligence map tiling, custom look and feel, OSM Pro Address and OSM Pro Route.

Cut-off by MapQuest Open? Send an email to to switch to the AND OSMpro Tileserver by using our switch2osm service.

Please contact our sales department for more information:
+31 10 885 1200 or

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